My Four Secrets

To Successful Email Campaigns

Break in to the mind of your customer Emotionally charged words and stories are the key to your customers
mind. Once we gain entry, we’ll…

Speak in language that attracts attentionEvery line has a goal. And that goal is to get them to read the next
line. When we get them to the end, then we just…

Inspire immediate actionIf they close your email, they’re gone! Every email will have a single
CTA that is custom crafted around your offer.

Develop a system for EXPLOSIVE resultsA properly planned self-perpetuating drip campaign can start a never-ending stream of cash that floods your account.

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A properly constructed email sequence is like magic. But instead of bunnies, cash will be popping out of your hat!

Sell Some Stuff

Every email address is profit potential. We'll work together to maximize results without degrading the overall value of your list.

Sell More Stuff

Maybe you already have some emails that work. Well, I bet we can them better. More opens + more clicks + more sales = profitĀ²

Increase YouTube Views

It's all about the view count baby! Want to get to a million? We'll get your audience to engage, click, comment, and subscribe!


If copywriting formulas are the vehicle, then that makes ideas the fuel! I'll diagnose your market and get the ideas flowing faster than Chevron.


Copywriting without passion is like being in love with someone you hate. Your audience can taste the insincerity.

"Excellent email editor/writer. We are very happy with his work."

Brandon, Jet Webinar

"His work product was excellent and I really appreciate the time he took to make the end product exactly what I wanted."

Ryan, Attorney

"Eric — is a professional. Trust worthy. Very knowledgeable in his field. Put in lots of hard work in real effort to produce the results we wanted."

Michael, Bear Butt

"Excellent experience, his copy was high quality and drove great revenue!"

Brandon, Jet Webinar

"I would certainly hire Eric again and I’m sure I will have more work for him in the future."

Ryan, Attorney

"Eric has amazing talent and is meticulous in his work ethic. I could go on and on but you’ll see soon enough how Eric will help make your business grow as mine has begun to soar."

Shawn, STUDIO 27




Can you show me some results?


Not bad. How about a couple emails that sold some stuff?


I like it. But can you follow a copywriting formula, like PAS?


Great work. Can you show me something totally unique?


I'm sold. Just show me one more like the last one...


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